Trampoline With Enclosure AwardHello guest, welcome to the site. We pride ourselves on being the only place for tested and trusted trampoline with enclosure recommendations. We have rigorously tested every single model that features on this site; no shop or website can boast that. This means that if we suggest a make and model, you know that it will serve your family very well for many years to come. Please click on the link for the appropriate size of bouncer you would like.

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12ft Trampoline With Enclosure

Why Buy A Trampoline With Enclosure?

A trampoline is one of the most, if not the most dangerous presents you could buy a child. However, if you buy a model with an enclosure, they are very safe and a great buy for both the child and the parent! Throw your kids outside off the computer games and television and let them tire themselves out bouncing all day. Then you can welcome them back inside nice and tired and ready for bed.

They are also the perfect addition to any family gathering and fun for all the family be they young children, teenagers or adults. Many of our best family memories (our kids have flown the nest now) were formed with our antics on the trampolines.

Things To Look Out For

My first and foremost warning is about the price of trampolines. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a very good quality trampoline with enclosure. However, it is ill advisable to spend the smallest amount of money you can because these trampolines simply will not last and are nowhere near as fun to play with as one of the excellent mid-range bouncers that we have suggested. If you want to get the best value for money then don’t listen to what the manufacturers or shops have to say, listen to unbiased people who aren’t trying to sell you anything, real customer reviews (see our reviews in the side-bar). Then once you’ve decided, go for it, do not wait around for the summer holiday rush.

Don’t buy a 14ft or 16ft trampoline with enclosure. They are needlessly big when a 12ft trampoline with enclosure is more than big enough for three people. They are also massively more expensive than our recommended 12ft model, which costs under £200 (a good 16 footer costs £600).


I hope you enjoy having a look around our website and then go on and buy one of the models that we advise. We have always really enjoyed having trampolines in the garden, in fact, that’s why we established this site. We hope your family enjoys using them as much as we have!